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KNTRL aka Clint Spiteri is a Maltese/ Berlin based electronic act that formed in the Winter of 2013. As a multi-instrumentalist, Clint is also part of Dolls for Idols – the band which pioneered the Indie/electronic scene in Malta and also gained local success with their debut album, “Paste & Rave’n’roll”. Clint has since moved to Berlin to pursue his career as Electronic producer, leading him to create KNTRL. Berlin landed KNTRL first EP with Sid le Rock, Metope & Fairmont’s label, Beachcoma. His past direction inspired him to experiment more into the dark side of electronic music, keeping in touch with his early influences & band ideology.

KNTRL is thinking ahead and working on his 3rd EP which will consist of 3 tracks. In the meantime, he hopes to get some more European gigs. KNTRL also thanks Trackage Scheme for supporting and promoting him: “Big up for Trackage Scheme who are constantly promoting local acts and improving the Maltese alternative scene. X”

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