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Lucy’s Last

In 2015 Lucy’s kept themselves busy performing gigs throughout the year. Among which were performances at the Beer Festival, Malta Street Art Festival and Trackage Scheme’s Rooftop sessions, culminating with the release of the debut Ep Syllabus of Errors in December, at a launch organised together with yours truly. The band then took some time off to write new material as they eye more studio time in the near future. Nevertheless, Lucy’s couldn’t keep away from gigs, and after Trackage Scheme’s Sacred Noise and a stint at Rock the South, Lucy’s Last will surely be keeping themselves active during the Summer. This is Lucy’s 3rd year running expecting many more runs to come.

Lucy’s Last; play alt-rock music with ominous undertones. Though fitting in the wide encompassing rock category, the electronic feel provided by the keys and guitar provide an experimental twist.

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