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ManaTapu is not a band, it’s a family! The family has been active in Malta since 2013 and has its sights set on the European summer festival circuit in 2016.

Composed of 6 members hailing from 5 different countries, ManaTapu may very well proudly proclaim themselves to be a “world music” band. Although, they do prefer to shy away from labels.

2013 saw the ManaTapu family blessed with the great fortune of winning two Malta-based “battle-of-the-bands” competitions back to back, eventually leading to the recording of their debut EP, Timpana. Since then, the band has become a mainstay of Malta’s biggest summer festivals, and has gained a reputation for delivering contagiously engaging live shows, as is clear in the official music video for the song Kanta ir Rima, filmed during the headlining show at the 2014 Sliema Street Art Festival.

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