Nioxin viate - Trackage Scheme - Alternative Artist Malta

Nioxin vitae

Nioxin vitae has been a part of the Maltese electronic scene for almost 10 years now and it all started when electroclash was at its peak. Nioxin Vitae is also one of the co-founders of Fraktal, which began by organising small events serving as a platform for many local artists, to a team which brought an array of international artists.

Nioxin Vitae has had the privilege of performing alongside world renowed artists, such as D.I.M, The Hacker, Raumschmiere and Trevino. His sense of music style, particularly renowned for his love of electro, is influenced by the likes of Palms Traxx, Drexciya and Legowelt, to name a few.


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