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Sean Rickett

Sean Rickett’s first ever musical intake came from bands like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Beatles and Led Zeppelin. His mum would play these mainly on a Saturday morning while doing house chores. She’d set up a few different sized tins and saucepans, sit him in front of the stereo and give hum two sticks to drum along to the beats. You could say this was what triggered an initial general interest in music and he cannot thank her enough for that.

As he grew a bit older he then discovered Hip-Hop through a CD from ‘A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory’, which totally blew him away and opened a whole new world. Till today Hip-Hop remains his absolute favourite music genre. After that it was just a natural progression of going to parties, getting more into electronic sounds and more involved with like-minded individuals, basically respecting and appreciating everything.

Sean Rickett believes that all music is connected in one way or another. Eventually he got himself a pair of turntables and a mixer round 2005 and started to buy all sorts of records, from New York Hip-Hop, Chicago Acid House, Detroit Techno, UK Garage up to Jungle and anything else which sounds good. His style is a fusion of a lot of different influences and varies on a lot of different factors like event, venue, crowd and set time. Rickett says that he could never be closed down to just one certain sound and likes to keep things interesting and unpredictable in his sets.

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