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The Cosmic Erotic

The Cosmic Erotic is a direct consequence of happy coincidences and solid friendships that have withstood the tests of time and hard work. They all come from diametrically opposed musical backgrounds, and while this makes interaction more challenging, it also makes for a more fresh and interesting aesthetic. The Cosmic Erotic does not try to bend or break rules. It simply commits itself to act as if there are none. This, they have found, is not as easy as it sounds.

Through a more or less consistent willingness to avoid letting their ego-based considerations take over, they have however made good progress in this regard as in others. Their music, at its best moments, is the result of musical conflicts that never happened.

They base their creative process upon the ability to connect to each other, always searching for a deeper way of communicating as four artists at work. The aim is to make music of the heart, without preconceptions as far as that is possible; music that remains ‘malleable’ even in its finished state. The character of each song always depends on the energy of the present moment.

They have performed at Rock the South, SoFar Malta, Earth Garden, the Farsons Beer Festival, and at the Malta takes London, all in 2014. They have no professional recording as of the date of this writing. This is intended. The Cosmic Erotic is all about process. They will go in the studio when the process calls for it.

The plans for 2015.. well, haha – they don’t really plan ahead, they just go with the flow as they say.


Individual Portraits

Mark Vella (Drums and Percussions)
One of the young upcoming star-drummers of his generation, Mark provides a solid yet nurturing foundation to the musical aesthetic of The Cosmic Erotic. Always a bit of a recluse, he made his on-stage debut with The Cosmic Erotic. His sensitivity to the dynamics of a musical composition is an essential ingredient in what makes The Cosmic Erotic what it is.

Benjamin Schembri (Bass)
It is quite frequently Ben’s fiery attitude (to life and bass playing alike) that pushes The Cosmic Erotic into the ‘harder’ areas of its musical aesthetic. Clever and in touch with Niki’s vocal melodies and Mark’s and Andrew’s rhythmic interactions, he provides the space wherein every distinct element melts into one composition. Ben is a also a talented songwriter in his own right.

Niki Gravino (Vocals & Guitar)
When on a day in April 2012 Niki experienced Mark, Ben and Andrew play away in their tiny rehearsal room for the first time, he immediately knew that this could one

day become the band he had always dreamt of being part of. After the success of Niki Gravino & The Vile Bodies (2004 – 2009), and the burnout that followed, Niki had promised himself that he would fix his life, stick to being a producer, and avoid being in bands at all costs. It took three young talented musicians to change his mind.

Niki can now express and utilise his full vocal potential, because he is finally happy with what he is singing to.

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