The Ranch

An uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated contemporary who are hardcore committed to delivering a high-powered, colourful, contemporary sound, brimming with experimentation, improvisation and attitude!
The core of the band is a trio which consists of  

Banjo Rancho – Drums

Patryk Cutajar – Guitar  

Alan Portelli – Electric Bass

Using guests to fill up some of they’re tracks. It is a must for The Ranch to collaborate with fresh artists.

In 2016 the band hit the road for the first time embarking on a 4-week European Tour, Headlining 14 shows in 5 countries: The UK, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania & Poland. Being based in Malta, the purpose of this tour was to meet people on the same wave-length to keep growing internationally.

The Ranch are currently working on their 2nd album with the new line up, to be released in 2017.

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