Nicole Parnis    August 25, 2019

The Velts – ‘Breastfeed’ Is a Horror Punk Hit

Our favourite indie boys are back with a banging music video to remind us just how good their debut album ‘Alphabet’ really is.

Franco Rizzo injects the due darkness into the short and punchy video to create one of his best to date, using choppy footage of the lads acting, well…dark. You’ve got frontman Sean’s trademark Jarvis Cocker-esque swagger, bassist Cardona being his usual cool-cat self, a relentless Stimpy on drums giving it 110% as always, and can we just talk about the baby of the band on haunting keys, Alistair?! His performance is what takes this video from good to great.

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With four big branded videos now under their belt, we’re starting to see the direction the band really wants to take things. And that direction is taking things seriously. From their early ‘She’s Like The Sun’ surfy Mod riffs to the psychedelic trip of ‘Season Of The Prey’ and 80s nightcrawler vibes of ‘Rollercoaster’ comes something punkier and spookier in the shape of Breastfeed. And we like it. A lot.

Who knew we needed a little horror movie vampire groove like this latest release to cement the fact that these dudes are anything but generic.

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