Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    November 23, 2023

Why You Should Watch Out For Local Indie-Pop Band Oxygyn

If you haven’t heard about the local indie band Oxygyn yet, now is your chance to dive into a new local band that’s exciting, new, and showing the world what Maltese artists have to offer. 


Oxygyn, 7 years in the making 

Oxygyn was formed back in 2016 when two siblings, Katia and Kurt Abela (lead vocalists and lyricists) banded together with another two local artists, Zack Camillieri (guitarist and production) and Luke Camillieri aka Funky Monkey (percussion and production). 


Oxygyn 2021
Photo courtesy of Lorella Castillo


As the years pass, Oxygyn continues to experiment and develop its sound, leaving a unique mark on the pop culture scene in Malta. As they transition from their indie-folk roots to darker and melancholic electronic and guitar-led compositions, the theme of complex paradigms of humanity and social issues surfaces in both their Maltese and English songs. 


What’s so special about Oxygyn?

With so many local bands and talent popping up every year, it’s hard to determine which ones are worth taking notice of. Despite Oxygyn exploring their Maltese roots whilst also expanding their musical horizons beyond the island by writing both English and Maltese songs, we can also see a common theme in their lyrics – the reflection of human and societal conditions. 


Oxygyn Mużika Mużika competition 2022
Photo courtesy of Lorella Castillo


Most of their songs explore the issues we face in today’s world, such as their 2021 release ‘Mercy’ abstractly focusing on the narrative of an individual who trusts another and becomes vulnerable, only to have the same vulnerability used against them. Their brilliant lyrics are matched with raw vocal-led tracks and electronic backings, accompanied by a driving guitar line.


Taking on the Eurovision Malta Contest 

Aside from working on a new album that has been 5 years in the making, they are competing to be Malta’s Eurovision representatives with their original song ‘Cloudmaker’. Currently waiting for results, Oxygyn is hoping to encourage their listeners to not only listen and enjoy their music but to also sit back and reflect. 


Oxygyn Eurovision Competition 2023
Photo courtesy of Eurovision Malta 


Next on the horizon for Oxygyn 

While working on a number of projects and collaborating with events and festivals around Malta to keep their presence within the Maltese scene exciting, they are in full gear at work finishing off their next big album ‘Compound’ to be released next year. This album will include all of their released singles along with unreleased tracks that have been in the works for years, allowing the audience to experience their growth as artists both individually and as a band. 

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