Trackage Scheme    August 2, 2015

Website launch press release

Malta’s alternative music hub: we’ve come a long way but we finally made it!

Friday 31st July 2015 marks the day we launched this web platform. For the past few months, we’ve been working relentlessly to come up with something pretty unique – something pretty special – for the Maltese Alternative music scene. We didn’t just want to launch another boring website – we challenged ourselves, thought outside the box and attempted to break new ground. We put our minds, hearts and souls into this project and we are extremely proud to see this end result (mind you, this is just version 1 of the website with many new features to come :)).

This is another milestone for Trackage Scheme as part of our vision to be Malta’s leading platform to showcase local alternative music in an international spotlight. We hope that it is received positively and that it is enjoyed by many (we have included features which appeal to both artists and music followers, local or foreign). We are also open to constructive feedback which will help us improve on what we have built, to better serve Maltese artists and the alternative community at large.

The concept, strategy, design and content was built by the TS team. Web development was handled by Springbox media who we would like to thank for their ongoing patience, hard work and professionalism (sorry for being so demanding guys :)).

These are the available features and resources at launch:

1. A comprehensive artist portfolio that showcases Maltese artists across a wide spectrum of genres. Here you will find artist biographies, photos, videos, podcasts, links to their social media platforms and any other online resources they have

2. An event calendar that focuses solely on the alternative/underground scene. This resource will serve as a hub to inform locals (and foreigners) about all that’s going on in Malta’s vibrant alternative music scene. If you would like to add an event, you can do so by importing from Facebook or by creating one from scratch using the form

3. A blog section with informational and perhaps even controversial discussions about the Maltese music scene in general. Here you will find two blogs, one narrating how TS came to be, and the journey so far. The other is a great thought provoking article by Ramona Depares

4. A music school to encourage the uptake of music practice. Choose an instrument you would like to take up, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you in no time!

5. An integrated music player which creates multiple 100 track playlists from the 10,000K+ tracks posted in this group and allows you to listen to them from any device. Think of it as a Trackage Scheme Spotify player, only cooler! Each track that is posted in the TS group will make its way into the player, so get tracking!

Much love,
TS | Supporting Local Talent

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