Wedango launching in the UK

Wedango is the only dedicated wedding platform that serves as a matchmaker between couples looking to get married and suppliers: we put couples in direct contact with 3-to-5 suppliers in a given category, in a specific region as Manchester or Brighton.

It’s this easy:

Step 1: A user enters their name, location, wedding location, event date, number of guests, overall budget and they then select the service they’re looking for, in this example Photography.

Step 2: Here we prompt the user to build their request with further information which will be sent to you. In this example, the user enters their wedding ceremony and reception venue, the number of residences they’d like the photographer to shoot at, whether it’ll be a morning, afternoon or evening wedding, the number of hours they’d need the photographer for, their budget for this service and any other requests they might have.

Step 3: In the final step, they enter their email, telephone number, which we validate according to country code, and that’s it, they’re done! It’s that easy & it just takes 1-to-2 minutes.

They then receive an email to verify & activate their account allowing us to prevent any spam and time-wasters. Then, you as a supplier, would receive this directly in your inbox.

Depending on the criteria, you can then either accept or decline accordingly. If you accept the request, you are automatically logged into a private & secure chat with the couple.

There are a number of features here:

  • On the left, you’ll find the client’s email and phone number.
  • You can use templates to save time.
  • You can upload photos, videos, brochures etc.
  • Every time you send a message to the user from the chat box, an email & SMS is sent to the couple. We’ve found that SMS really improves responsiveness.

The aim of this messaging portal is for you to initiate communication, build rapport, understand your clients’ requirements and get bookings.

If you click on the back button, you’re taken into your dashboard where you will find a consolidated view of all the requests you would have received, Accepted Requests, Declined requests as well as Expired Requests.

You’ve also got a Request Filter which you can use to filter the type of requests you would like to receive. For example, you can tell Wedango to only send you requests which are above a certain budget etc.

The platform really is that simple, both for couples & suppliers! Wedango is a platform that saves time and hassle for couples and helps suppliers grow their business by giving them targeted, high quality leads.

Wedango is different from other platforms out there in various ways:

  1. Wedango is a service finder that is 100% focused on weddings.
  2. Wedango’s user interface is very intuitive and engaging which creates a pleasant user experience and generates high quality leads.
  3. Our goal is to have a request acceptance rate of 3-to-5 suppliers per request, per category. We don’t want to overwhelm the couple with too many responses and we don’t want to create unnecessary competition amongst our suppliers.

We want to create a triangle where the couple is happy, the supplier is happy and we at Wedango are happy because we’re growing along with our suppliers.

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