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Alex Alden

Born in Malta on the 8th of April 1994 and raised partly in Germany for most of her childhood, Alexandra Alden, also known as Alex Alden, is a singer-songwriter who now lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where she is studying to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Jazz music. She has backed the Americana band ‘Martin McNeil & The Dissidents’ and features prominently on their album and now provides backing vocals for NL based band, ‘Paul Istance & the Magic Mumble Jumble’. In 2013 she released her debut EP ‘The Curious Child’ which may be found on her bandcamp page.

She writes in her mother tongue, English, and this is perhaps why her lyrics flow together so seamlessly, taking inspiration from the romantic poets and also folk songwriters of the 60s and 70s.

She accompanies herself on the guitar, alternating between delicate fingerpicking and strumming reminiscent of the late Nick Drake with folk and blues inspired rhythms and riffs of Daniel Whitley and Led Zeppelin.

Alexandra’s voice reaches a span of three and a half octaves and is unmistakable in timbre and colour, having a more technical background in classical and jazz singing. One might say she is a virtuoso in the emotional delivery of her music. She is at once in service of the music and engages her audience with ease once on stage.

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