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Crowdfunding in Malta

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Rock The South 2019

Dark Malta Festival 2022

TS pres. 'A night with Indie' Vol. VI

Il-Ħoss tal-Għabex @Offbeat

SoundArt Festival Malta

DRE Exclusive

TS pres. 'A night with Indie' Vol. VIII

Route to the Temple

Kinemastik presents - Capitol K LIVE plus DJs

Dark Malta Festival 2022 new

The Weekender: Sequence Two

The Weekender: Sequence Three - Aether

DRE Exclusive - All Night Long

The Weekender: Sequence Four - Citizen Kain [Standing Event]

The Weekender: Sequence Five - Fideles [Standing Event]

The Weekender: Sequence Six - Oostil

All In Black By Black On:yx

Jes Psaila - The Hinge Project - Album Launch

DRE' Exclusive - Vault


The Weekender: Sequence Seven – The Element All Night Long

The Weekender: Sequence Eight – Massano

Crowdfunding Malta by Trackage Scheme

Our Maltese crowdfunding platform makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things you need to move your musical career forward. In less than a minute, you’ll be able to personalise your fundraising campaign and share it with the world.

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Music School In Malta

Our music school employs Malta’s top musicians and teachers who constantly strive to help each students achieve their highest potential in music appreciation, music knowledge and understanding, composition, performance and musicianship through exciting and effective music programmes and opportunities.

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