Friendship. Determination. Music. Three words that define the Malta based crew promoting and playing UK Bass music on these isles, including genres like dubstep, garage, drum and bass and more. In 2008, just two years after UK based DJ and producer Mala has founded the Deep Medi label, the three original members of FDM crew – Pan-D, Depth and Volume A – started to do parties focused on mainly Dubstep and associated genres. Soon Mist and Nika joined the crew and the whole family held their first events. Unlike Dubmerged, the FDM crew were more into pure deep bass music, so the decision was made to do their own events.

At the Croatian festival Outlook 2010 FDM crew met Sukh Knight and Square Wave. They got in contact and later invited them to play in Malta. Those days, similar to nowadays, there was not a huge UK Bass music scene in Malta. Just a few people with an interest in genres like dubstep, d’n’b or grime were active here. FDM crew counts as an important part of the music scene since their name and influence has gotten bigger. Inspired by the Outlook boat parties, FDM have organised a few boat parties themselves. They even managed to invite the famous DJ Kahn (releasing regularly on Deep Medi label) to their debut boat party.

As time went by Pan-D and Nika moved to other parts of the world. FDM crew now consists of three members – Depth, Mist and Volume A. You can see them organising own parties or playing with related crews or DJs like Bass Culture and a few others. They are promoting and playing mainly deep bass music originated mostly in the UK. Sometimes you can see their individual DJ appearances at reggae or hip hop parties as well. If you like some of these musical genres, stay tuned to their activities and appearances, because they sure know how to do a proper bass party and you will not regret experiencing the FDM crew.

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