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Frankie Calleja

Frankie Calleja alias Ssoker is a musician, dj and music promoter who’s been involved in Malta’s music scene since the late 90’s. With an early obsession for music and vinyl collection, he acquired a vast selection of tunes and thought himself how to mix. He eventually took interest in music production / composition and attended the Johan Strauss school of music were he learned theory and guitar.

As Ssoker he is known to have no strings attached to any style and his sets can include a variety of tunes from all over the electronica spectrum. As a guitarist he takes particular interest in acoustic contemporary solo finger-style guitar and his style can merge folk, blues and anything in between. Since he started, he learned and performed with some of the most influential guitarists on the planet, both locally and abroad. In 2014 he founded ‘Tao Productions’ with the aim to promote non mainstream artists and since then hosted concerts and workshops that featured some of the worlds most respected musicians and local talent. Although lately more focused on his instrument, he remains active in the electronic sphere with dj sets that encompass all his influences and inspirations throughout his journey.  

Frankie lends thanks to Trackage Scheme for its help supporting and promoting him:

“Thanks to Trackage Scheme, a lot of people know that I’m around playing music and just that is great! I appreciate the fact that people from different backgrounds and genres are sharing music as that gives me insight of what is going on in the world.”

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