Into electronic sounds since 2005, KERG likes tunes of all shapes and sizes. His main influence can be credited to the music produced by the likes of Gerald Donald, Brendan M. Gillen, James Stinson, Gerard Hanson, Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins among many others. This has been a recurring theme that has emanated consistently through the years.

In 2009 he co-founded Binary Funk, a weekly online streaming show. This weekly stream kept going for 3 years and in 2012 after over 130 shows it was time to call it quits. This allowed some free time to focus on producing some music and in 2012 Craig Mac released music on Binalog Frequency, Borg Recordings, The Anti-Social Network and Shameless Toady.

In 2014 he started work on his new moniker, KERG. With the sole aim of diversifying his sound and exploring new styles. This approach has stemmed onto his new project, titled Cult Society. This project will stretch across the whole electronic music spectrum, and has no pre-conceived boundaries. Exciting times ahead.

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