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Born in 1989, Keith Said is the man behind Multifunctional, an electronic music producer based in Malta.
A master at his craft, Keith is creating something pretty unique. His recent music is all electronic based and one can notice the warm sounds of pianos / synths / guitars & other similar instruments being used in most of the tracks.

With no tracks released on any labels, yet, one can only refer to Multifunctional tracks uploaded on SoundCloud. He also collaborates with Fabricka which together they form Across Borders. Apart from music production Keith also perform DJ sets & the genre can vary from, electronica / downtempo / idm / psy-chill and the genres in between. He also runs Hazed Events an event based concept on promoting local artists as well as bring over foreign performers to the island, namely – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Solar Fields – Kettel – Radioactive Man & more.

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