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The Violent Violets

The Violent Violets are a three-piece post-punk/alternative band. Aged 15, they met through school and started playing together in late 2009. By mid 2011, they played live for the first time. From their first gig, they quickly found their place in the Maltese music scene; playing alongside various other local bands, and even foreign acts like Joe Gideon & the Shark and Tall Ships. In mid 2014, they recorded their debut album; Tame. This was released independently later that year, receiving a lot of positive feedback from their followers.

The Violent Violets will keep busy in 2015 playing a couple of gigs and recording and releasing their next album. One can look the band up on Facebook and YouTube to check some material off their album, and to keep up to date with their upcoming shows. The Violent Violets are: André Farrugia on bass, Matthew Shields on guitar and vocals, and Samuel Xiberras on drums.

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