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Infinity Loop

Infinite Loop is a Alternative Rock band that combines intelligent thoughtful lyrics, melodies one can hum, a variety of rhythmic styles, and instrumental improvisation that creates an electric sound that feels good to your ears. “We provide music that one can listen to, think about, enjoy, and sometimes even dance to. Many of the songs we compose tell stories that leave the audience with a message. Our 2 own original songs like ‘Silent Scream’ and ‘Sad Boy’ are a good example of this. Our name comes from the boredom of the routine everyday life which in certain cases it looks like an Infinite Loop and we’re just seeking to break through it.” The band was generally formed by Duncan Borg, the drummer and Roberto Faure, the rhythm guitarist in early Summer 2010.

Nigel Buttigieg joined the band in late November 2011 as a lead guitarist. Then on January 2012, Gabrijel Mansueto joined as a bassist and after a while we decided that since Nigel and Gabrijel are both good singers, we decided to be a bit more original and have 2 lead singers.

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