Volume A

Volume A is a producer, DJ and party organiser, best known for his contributions to the rise of dubstep scene in Malta. His passion for the genre can be felt during his dj sets as he takes on the crowd on a dark and rhythmic journey. His first steps in electronic music began 10 years ago(2006) and hasn’t stopped growing since. Self taught and talented trough experience, Volume A started releasing tracks on various labels such as: Silent Motion, Sub World Audio and Milc.

With an ever growing passion, we are rest assured to see much more from this fastly rising artist. His commitment to the art helped rise the local dubstep scene which wasn’t much heard of before. Till today he organises regular events with his crew, FDM, where they bring big bass artists for the local audience to enjoy.

Always delivering deep and dark sets, Volume A is characterised by diverse and notable mixing skills developed through years of experience.


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