Trackage Scheme    October 23, 2015

A night with Indie – Album

Here’s the photo album of our last event, ‘A night with Indie’ held at Haywharf Clubhouse on 17th October 2015. Now that we have come back to our senses, we wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for last Saturday which was definitely one of our best, if not the best event to date.

Firstly thank you DJ Bob, I.YOU, Ben Vincenti and Clint Spiteri for your awesome sets and kudos for keeping the crowd dancing till the very end – hats off to you sirs. Secondly, thank you Stefano and the Haywharf crew for providing the beautiful venue and great service.

Kudos to New Shed by Nina Adams for capturing the night so beautifully, and last by not least, major thanks to YOU all for coming out, and going all out – you were on FIRE (seriously).

Stay tuned for the next one 😉

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