Janelle Borg

Discussing Djun’s elegy for Time with Charles Cassar

Djun is a recently-formed, impressive musical ensemble merging the talents of some of Malta's finest musicians. It's safe to say that their latest single 'Il-Bir' got everyone excited about this...

Chiara Micallef

Maltese Releases of 2019 Which Deserve Your Full Attention

Malta’s music scene is at an all-time high this year. We’re just a few months into 2019 and this island is already booming with nonstop releases blessing our eardrums. We’ve...

Janelle Borg

5 Questions with Brikkuni’s Mario Vella

Brikkuni need no introduction. Safe to say that they are one of Malta's most beloved alternative acts. With their unique take on the Maltese language, introspective and spellbinding lyrical content,...

Janelle Borg

Local Hip-Hop artists to look out for in 2019

Hip hop is definitely taking off in Malta! Safe to say that it’s injecting some much needed young rebellious blood in the alternative music scene. Here we break down some...

Chiara Micallef

DrumFest: An eclectic festival taking over the Maltese islands

Malta has seen its fair share of festivals over the past few years. However, few have come close to what DrumFest is set out to be. The organisers behind this...

Janelle Borg

Rock & Metal Festivals to look out for in 2019

Rock and metal fans in Malta are in for a treat in 2019, with these three rock and metal festivals providing top-notch rock and metal artists from Malta and abroad,...

Janelle Borg

Malta’s hottest music venues of 2019

Malta’s music venues are definitely upping their game. With cool decor and a constant stream of live music, here’s our list of 2019’s hottest music venues in Malta: Zion Reggae...

Janelle Borg

Bands to look out for in Malta in 2019

Malta’s music scene is continuously evolving, and 2019 seems to be a good year for Malta’s alternative scene, with a lot of new releases and newcomers that will surely satiate...

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