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Janelle Borg

Pebble Beach: The Maltese band leading the country’s very own garage-rock revival

If you were around in the early noughties (i.e. you were old enough to follow the international alternative scene), you will definitely recall the ascent of The Strokes - the...

Janelle Borg

YANNICK – The Gen Z rapper set to revolutionise Malta’s hip hop scene

Yannick is a man of many talents. Part professional footballer, part model, part rapper and now label creator and activist, Yannick belongs to the burgeoning generation of cultural explorers, ready...

Janelle Borg

Uncovering the Maltese electronica artists making waves in London, Brighton and Berlin

Danjeli, Jim Hickey and Anna Belle have a couple of things in common; they're Maltese musicians who found a home away from Malta, and they all have a passion for...

Janelle Borg

Petit Massif on getting your music out of your bedroom

Petit Massif is Craig Hitchings and Eifey Hinchy. The self-described "DIY, Bedroom Pop & Synthwave" duo are currently creating music out of their bedroom in Gozo. It's safe to say...

Janelle Borg

COVID-19 and Malta’s music events industry: What’s the verdict?

While Malta is experiencing parallel universes that feature ease of restrictions and the second wave of COVID-19, a lot of people have been asking: what is going to happen to...

Janelle Borg

Premiere: NO YES NO’s debut single “Stocktake”

It's New Music Friday! Today's tune arrives by way of Malta, the UK and the worldwide web. It's none other than the new band NO YES NO, Francesca Mercieca's (Fuzzhoneys)...

Janelle Borg

Alex Alden: The music pilgrim is back with a soul-stirring track

[caption id="attachment_15121" align="aligncenter" width="870"] Alex Alden by Marija Grech[/caption] Alex Alden burst onto Malta's mainstream music scene thanks to a judging role on a certain televised singing competition. However, the...

Janelle Borg

MarieClaire Portelli: What it takes to become a music video director

It's safe to say that MarieClaire Portelli forms part of a new generation of Maltese interdisciplinary artists who are not afraid of dipping their toes in various art forms. While...

Janelle Borg

How artists in Malta are dealing with self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic

At this point, it's common knowledge that Covid-19 has caused havoc: a lot of artists and freelancers working in already precarious industries have lost jobs and opportunities, and the touring...

Janelle Borg

Kill The Action defy gravity with their sophomore album

Kill The Action's sophomore album 'Anti-Gravity' is a mixture of uncompromising electronic sounds and rock sensibilities. It's safe to say that anyone interested in innovative music and the evolution of...

Janelle Borg

Maltese electro-funk duo Mathematikal are back with a bang!

The self-described 'House/Funk/Electro' duo Mathematikal are back with a bang! They've just released their album 'MMKL', and here at Trackage Scheme HQ, we're massive fans already.  I caught up with...

Janelle Borg

Singer-songwriter Claire Tonna pushes herself more than ever in 2020

Photographer: Kim Sammut Claire Tonna's music definitely strikes an emotional chord with anyone who listens to it. After winning a prestigious songwriting competition in Italy, Tonna is gearing up to...

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