Janelle Borg

Catching up with singer-songwriter Sam Christie

It's safe to say that Sam Christie has been raised by Malta's alternative community. Starting out as a young teen in the band 'Unexpected', he has evolved into a bonafide...

Janelle Borg

An Interview with The Ranch: Malta’s very own uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated four-piece

The Ranch are one of Malta's most eclectic and active bands. The self-described 'uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated' group stunned every music fan in Malta when they first appeared on the...

Janelle Borg

Malta’s Music Pioneers: Shining the Spotlight on Ray Bajada

It's safe to say that Ray Bajada is a pioneer of Malta's alternative music scene. His never-ending enthusiasm for upcoming bands, alternative sounds and young talent is vital in a...

Janelle Borg

Decline The Fall: A Maltese Prog Metal Band with Big Ambitions

Decline the Fall are one of Malta's leading progressive metal bands. After supporting international acts such as Mayhem, Rotting Christ & Lacuna Coil, the group are taking their career to...

Janelle Borg

Discussing Djun’s elegy for Time with Charles Cassar

Djun is a recently-formed, impressive musical ensemble merging the talents of some of Malta's finest musicians. It's safe to say that their latest single 'Il-Bir' got everyone excited about this...

Janelle Borg

A trip down memory lane with Beangrowers

It's safe to say that Maltese indie rock band Beangrowers are legends in Malta's music scene. From their very first album back in 1999 to their latest single Love, You...

Janelle Borg

5 Questions with Brikkuni’s Mario Vella

Brikkuni need no introduction. Safe to say that they are one of Malta's most beloved alternative acts. With their unique take on the Maltese language, introspective and spellbinding lyrical content,...

Janelle Borg

A look back at 10 favourite tracks from the Maltese alternative scene

We all have that favourite song from the Maltese alternative scene, which reminds us of a memorable crazy night out, or that particular midnight drive with friends. Here are a...

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