Trackage Scheme

TS presents: ‘A night with Indie’

'A night with Indie', Trackage Scheme's next event will be held on Saturday 17th October, so mark your calendars! From classy cultural magazine launches to beautiful day festivals and from...

Trackage Scheme

TS’ Rooftop Live Sessions

It's a wrap! Last Wednesday 26th August was extra special, bringing the 3 months of awesome Rooftop Live Sessions to beautiful close! These sessions showcased an eclectic selection of artists,...

Trackage Scheme

TS’ Electronic Voyage

This was our most hectic summer yet! We've done it all; from hosting awesome weekly live sessions to a blast of a pool party on 4th July, from collaborating with...

Trackage Scheme

Website launch press release

Malta's alternative music hub: we’ve come a long way but we finally made it! Friday 31st July 2015 marks the day we launched this web platform. For the past few...

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