Janelle Borg

Decline The Fall: A Maltese Prog Metal Band with Big Ambitions

Decline the Fall are one of Malta's leading progressive metal bands. After supporting international acts such as Mayhem, Rotting Christ & Lacuna Coil, the group are taking their career to...

Janelle Borg

One Drop Reggae Festival 2019: Music Festival 101 with Miguel Cachia

It's safe to say that One Drop Reggae Festival is a truly unique gem when it comes to events and festivals happening in Malta. Trackage Scheme spoke with one of...

Janelle Borg

A conversation with Neon Islands’ Jamie Hayes

Alternative Indie-Rock band Neon Islands have just been announced as performers at the iconic Isle of Wight festival this year. Trackage Scheme talked to the Maltese member of the band, Jamie Hayes,...

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