Johnathan Cilia

The Glitch House and Techno Fortress Returns

As Malta’s house and techno scene approaches its saturation point, with top level DJs being brought to Malta nearly every weekend for a slew of underground parties, there is one...

Johnathan Cilia

TS interviews Annie Mac from Lost and Found Festival

Annie Mac Presents: Lost and Found returns for it’s third year on the Maltese islands. Lost and Found has quickly become a staple of the local electronic dance events, heralding...

Johnathan Cilia

Statix Festival – Malta’s Own Homegrown Talent

Statix Festival burst onto the scene in 2011, bringing something rarely seen in Malta’s electronic circuit: multiple stages featuring different genres right next to each other, with a line up...

Johnathan Cilia

Dazed & Confused with Dean Demanuele

Any budding producer or DJ would tell you that they want to perform in Berlin. Many others would also tell you that they would like to open their own record...

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