Janelle Borg

Maltese Metal Queen Mikaela’s Nocturne in Red

The local and international live music industry is in shambles due to Covid-19. However, this didn't stop a lot of local artists from starting new projects and releasing numerous excellent...

Janelle Borg

Pebble Beach: The Maltese band leading the country’s very own garage-rock revival

If you were around in the early noughties (i.e. you were old enough to follow the international alternative scene), you will definitely recall the ascent of The Strokes - the...

Janelle Borg

Sound artist Yews returns with two enchanting singles

Photographer: Heba Ahmed (left) Yews is one of Malta's top sound artists. She's constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to electronic and ambient music and is one of the...

Janelle Borg

Spotlight Series: Junior B

Junior B needs no introduction. The man revolutionised the local electronic music scene. Despite a tonne of obstacles along the way, Junior B is still a prominent contributor to this...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Mike Bugeja

Mike Bugeja is synonymous with Malta's alternative music scene. Mike has been consistently working to boost Maltese artists' visibility and is one of the few individuals who strive to support...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Jon Lukas Woodenman

It's safe to say that Jon Lukas Woodenman is a highly respected figure in Malta's music scene. He was the very first solo Maltese artist to score a place in...

Janelle Borg

A Tale of Two Cities: Dean Montanaro talks about his latest project ‘Blue Tangerine’

Dean Montanaro is a well-known face in Malta's music scene. After being involved as a bassist and a session-musician in many local bands, Dean decided to take his musical career...

Janelle Borg

Malta’s Music Pioneers: Shining the Spotlight on Ray Bajada

It's safe to say that Ray Bajada is a pioneer of Malta's alternative music scene. His never-ending enthusiasm for upcoming bands, alternative sounds and young talent is vital in a...

Janelle Borg

5 Questions with Brikkuni’s Mario Vella

Brikkuni need no introduction. Safe to say that they are one of Malta's most beloved alternative acts. With their unique take on the Maltese language, introspective and spellbinding lyrical content,...

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