Chiara Micallef

Maltese Releases of 2019 Which Deserve Your Full Attention

Malta’s music scene is at an all-time high this year. We’re just a few months into 2019 and this island is already booming with nonstop releases blessing our eardrums. We’ve...

Chiara Micallef

DrumFest: An eclectic festival taking over the Maltese islands

Malta has seen its fair share of festivals over the past few years. However, few have come close to what DrumFest is set out to be. The organisers behind this...

Johnathan Cilia

Electronic Music Malta

It’s a sign of the times when a genre of music gets its own Voluntary Organisation to promote and kindle its spread in a country. Music has the power to...

Trackage Scheme

TS’ Rooftop Live Sessions

It's a wrap! Last Wednesday 26th August was extra special, bringing the 3 months of awesome Rooftop Live Sessions to beautiful close! These sessions showcased an eclectic selection of artists,...

Trackage Scheme

Rooftop Live Sessions – Closing

Our summer long programme showcasing some of Malta's alternative bands is sadly coming to an end with a final performance by CRUX next Wednesday, 26th August. These innovative nights have...

Ben Vincenti

The journey so far

It’s a bit of a funny story really. Some friends of mine and I were just chilling out and listening to some music after an event. At one point, I...

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