Janelle Borg

A look back at 10 favourite tracks from the Maltese alternative scene

We all have that favourite song from the Maltese alternative scene, which reminds us of a memorable crazy night out, or that particular midnight drive with friends. Here are a...

David Grech Urpani

I Love You As Much As God Loves Me

A fortnight with Ġuf, the new album by Plato’s Dream Machine When I was twelve years old and still at a Secondary Church School, I was introduced to (and constantly...

Johnathan Cilia

Say, How Big Is Your Living Room?

In a time when live gigs are a dime a dozen, it is possible to see world class musicians performing practically every week, and the shows of all your favourite...

Ramona Depares

On Pique, or Why I only Support My Friends

The culture of extreme factioning and polar opposites is deeply ingrained in our way of life. We have two main political parties, each faction constantly contradicting the other. When it...

Johnathan Cilia

Following the Alternative: An interview with Michael Bugeja

It’s all well and good to talk about Malta’s music scene growing, improving and diversifying, but the barriers we have are still clear to see. Some popular radio stations won’t...

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