Johnathan Cilia

Malta’s music community reacts to Dax J’s Tunisian prison sentence

It’s standard for DJs to try and dig around for a unique track to play when performing to a new crowd in a new country. Maybe a local hit, or...

Johnathan Cilia

An Ambient World

Creating a spellbinding soundscape isn’t very straightforward - the open format, overlapping bars, and emotional input needed are all combined to create a challenging predicament for the producer. Forget the...

Johnathan Cilia

VA Album Announced in Memory of Microlith aka Rhys Celeste

Last week brought some of the worst news the Maltese electronic music scene has ever had - 24-year-old producer Rhys Celeste, known as Microlith, was taken in a tragic road accident....

Johnathan Cilia

Statix Festival – Malta’s Own Homegrown Talent

Statix Festival burst onto the scene in 2011, bringing something rarely seen in Malta’s electronic circuit: multiple stages featuring different genres right next to each other, with a line up...

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