Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Steve Meli

  Steve Meli is widely known in local circles as a genuine supporter of rookie and veteran local artists alike. Additionally, he is always one of the first people on...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Trudy Kerr

Here in Malta, Trudy Kerr's voice is synonymous with the world of radio. Ms Kerr has been championing Maltese and Malta-based artists since day one. This is why we decided...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Noel Mifsud

The Spotlight Series continues with Noel Mifsud. Noel is an avid supporter of the local rock and metal scene. He's always willing to give local musicians a much-needed leg up...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Tonio Pace

Our Spotlight Series continues with Tonio Pace. Tonio is another local pioneer, whose undying passion for the local and international alternative music scene is manifested through his radio programmes. Trackage...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Jon Lukas Woodenman

It's safe to say that Jon Lukas Woodenman is a highly respected figure in Malta's music scene. He was the very first solo Maltese artist to score a place in...

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