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Janelle Borg

Swedish electronic duo Carbon Based Lifeforms performing in Malta this weekend

Thanks to local promotions company Frekwenzi, the Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms will be gracing the islands with their presence and their music. Trackage Scheme caught up with Frekwenzi ahead...

Janelle Borg

KNTRL on embracing change, analogue synths and Electro-Clash

No one can dispute the fact that Clint Spiteri, a.k.a KNTRL, has one of the most distinctive sounds in Malta's electronic music sphere. The analogue aficionado has been slowly but...

Janelle Borg

Maltese punk band BILA are touring the U.S

Maltese punk band BILA is currently touring the U.S. with American post-rock band Staghorn. Back in 2015, BILA released their first E.P., "L*BA", with the Venetian record label "Youth Of...

Janelle Borg

I Am Willow: The Malta-born, London-based artist’s spellbinding music and career

Having been invited to perform in front of legends such as Annie Lennox and Sting, I Am Willow is undoubtedly one of Malta's best exports when it comes to international...

Janelle Borg

Noah Fabri mixes their singer-songwriter roots with the pulse of Malta’s underground scene

Photographers: Leo Chircop (left) and Nicholas Bonello (right) In an age where singer-songwriters in Malta are opting for the glitz and glamour of reality TV shows to get their talent...

Janelle Borg

Berne reflect upon diversity and politics in their evocative new single

Berne are a London-based alt-pop duo with Maltese roots. The project was initially a brainchild of singer-songwriter Deborah Borg Brincat. However, Berne have recently arisen as a duo after guitarist...

Janelle Borg

Sound artist Yews returns with two enchanting singles

Photographer: Heba Ahmed (left) Yews is one of Malta's top sound artists. She's constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to electronic and ambient music and is one of the...

Janelle Borg

Spotlight Series: Junior B

Junior B needs no introduction. The man revolutionised the local electronic music scene. Despite a tonne of obstacles along the way, Junior B is still a prominent contributor to this...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Noel Mifsud

The Spotlight Series continues with Noel Mifsud. Noel is an avid supporter of the local rock and metal scene. He's always willing to give local musicians a much-needed leg up...

Janelle Borg

Lighthouse: Young, Maltese & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Lighthouse are one of Malta's youngest rock groups. Inspired by legends such as Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns n Roses, these five youngsters are determined to cement...

Janelle Borg

Sajf Lajf Festival 2019: The alternative, DIY Festival straight outta Sliema!

Sajf Lajf Festival 2019 is the alternative, DIY festival that's rocking the islands this coming Saturday at Cloudberry Club, Sliema. Featuring a diverse line-up that incorporates acts from across the alternative spectrum,...

Janelle Borg

The ASEO Quintet – Live in Malta!

If you feel like you need an evening full of jazz, wine and groovy rhythms, you're in luck! This Saturday, Storeroom is presenting The ASEO Quintet - a Rotterdam-based jazz...

Janelle Borg

REA’s Rapping: Music as a vehicle for social change

Rachelle Deguara (also knows as REA), is a young Maltese rapper whose passion for activism resonates in her art. Trackage Scheme talked with Rachelle about how socio-political issues and bureaucracy...

Janelle Borg

Punk is not Dead: An Interview with local punk legends DRIPHT

Local punk legends DRIPHT need no introduction. Their adrenaline-fuelled live performances perfectly complement their unique style, which fuses punk, ska, reggae and metal. Trackage Scheme sat down with two of...

Janelle Borg

roża: Malta’s newest indie kids on the block

This self-described 'not so bad' band is an upcoming indie band composed of five passionate youngsters. It's safe to say that in a scene that desperately needs new blood, roża...

Janelle Borg

A Tale of Two Cities: Dean Montanaro talks about his latest project ‘Blue Tangerine’

Dean Montanaro is a well-known face in Malta's music scene. After being involved as a bassist and a session-musician in many local bands, Dean decided to take his musical career...

Janelle Borg

Catching up with singer-songwriter Sam Christie

It's safe to say that Sam Christie has been raised by Malta's alternative community. Starting out as a young teen in the band 'Unexpected', he has evolved into a bonafide...

Janelle Borg

An Interview with The Ranch: Malta’s very own uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated four-piece

The Ranch are one of Malta's most eclectic and active bands. The self-described 'uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated' group stunned every music fan in Malta when they first appeared on the...

Janelle Borg

Decline The Fall: A Maltese Prog Metal Band with Big Ambitions

Decline the Fall are one of Malta's leading progressive metal bands. After supporting international acts such as Mayhem, Rotting Christ & Lacuna Coil, the group are taking their career to...

Janelle Borg

Discussing Djun’s elegy for Time with Charles Cassar

Djun is a recently-formed, impressive musical ensemble merging the talents of some of Malta's finest musicians. It's safe to say that their latest single 'Il-Bir' got everyone excited about this...

Chiara Micallef

Maltese Releases of 2019 Which Deserve Your Full Attention

Malta’s music scene is at an all-time high this year. We’re just a few months into 2019 and this island is already booming with nonstop releases blessing our eardrums. We’ve...

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – The Ranch Album

Here's the shoot from our 10th and final session of 'Sacred Noise' with Frankie Calleja, The Ranch & Chris Radium. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha. [foogallery...

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – Fuzzhoneys Album

Here's the shoot from our 9th session of 'Sacred Noise' with Fuzzhoneys & Steven Meli. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha. [foogallery id="3166"]

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – Bark Bark Disco Album

Here's the shoot from our 8th session of 'Sacred Noise' with Bark Bark Disco & G is for Gustav. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha. [foogallery id="3200"]

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – Lucy’s Last Album

Here's the shoot from our 7th session of 'Sacred Noise' with Lucy's Last & I.YOU. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha.

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – Plato’s Dream Machine Album

Here's the shoot from our 6th session of 'Sacred Noise' with Plato's Dream Machine & Clint Spiteri (KNTRL & Dolls for Idols). Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha.

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – Massacre House Party Album

Here's the shoot from our 4th session of 'Sacred Noise' with Massacre House Party & LVX. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha.

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – The Velts Album

Here's the shoot from our 5th session of 'Sacred Noise' with The Velts & Michael Bugeja. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha.

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – The Busker Album

Here's the shoot from our 3rd session of 'Sacred Noise' with The Busker & DJ Bob. Check out the photos below. Photos Courtesy of Igor Warzocha.

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise – The Violent Violets Album

Thank you all for attending the second night of Sacred Noise! Top stuff by The Violent Violets & Joseph Felice - hats off guys! We continue next Sunday with The...

Trackage Scheme

Sacred Noise Launch Photoshoot

The Areola Treat & DJ Geddumu launched the Sacred Noise sessions with a total blast! We continue next Sunday with The Violent Violets and Joseph Felice (The Chemist). Check out the photos...

Trackage Scheme

A look back at 2015

With life seeming to be on overdrive, we sometimes forget to take a moment to look back and appreciate the experiences, achievements and life lessons we've been lucky enough to gain...

Johnathan Cilia

On The Issue of Performing

You spend weeks looping a track through your headphones. You can’t get enough of it, the bassline and the melodies are so complementary and superbly delivered that you are not...

Trackage Scheme

TS’ Electronic Voyage Album

Trackage Scheme's Electronic Voyage closed off summer 2015 with a bang with non-stop dancing till early hours This was a truly special event, surely one of our best to date!...

Trackage Scheme

TS’ Rooftop Live Sessions

It's a wrap! Last Wednesday 26th August was extra special, bringing the 3 months of awesome Rooftop Live Sessions to beautiful close! These sessions showcased an eclectic selection of artists,...

Trackage Scheme

Rooftop Live Sessions – Closing

Our summer long programme showcasing some of Malta's alternative bands is sadly coming to an end with a final performance by CRUX next Wednesday, 26th August. These innovative nights have...

Trackage Scheme

Fuzzhoneys Live at Rooftop

After last week's break due to bad weather, we're back again this Wednesday with more fuzz than ever! Fuzzhoneys consist of Francesca on guitar/vocals and Caroline on drums/tambourine, both born...

Trackage Scheme

Website launch press release

Malta's alternative music hub: we’ve come a long way but we finally made it! Friday 31st July 2015 marks the day we launched this web platform. For the past few...

Ben Vincenti

The journey so far

It’s a bit of a funny story really. Some friends of mine and I were just chilling out and listening to some music after an event. At one point, I...

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