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Janelle Borg

Swedish electronic duo Carbon Based Lifeforms performing in Malta this weekend

Thanks to local promotions company Frekwenzi, the Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms will be gracing the islands with their presence and their music. Trackage Scheme caught up with Frekwenzi ahead...

Janelle Borg

KNTRL on embracing change, analogue synths and Electro-Clash

No one can dispute the fact that Clint Spiteri, a.k.a KNTRL, has one of the most distinctive sounds in Malta's electronic music sphere. The analogue aficionado has been slowly but...

Janelle Borg

Maltese punk band BILA are touring the U.S

Maltese punk band BILA is currently touring the U.S. with American post-rock band Staghorn. Back in 2015, BILA released their first E.P., "L*BA", with the Venetian record label "Youth Of...

Janelle Borg

Spotlight Series: Junior B

Junior B needs no introduction. The man revolutionised the local electronic music scene. Despite a tonne of obstacles along the way, Junior B is still a prominent contributor to this...

Janelle Borg

The Spotlight Series: Tonio Pace

Our Spotlight Series continues with Tonio Pace. Tonio is another local pioneer, whose undying passion for the local and international alternative music scene is manifested through his radio programmes. Trackage...

Janelle Borg

Discussing Djun’s elegy for Time with Charles Cassar

Djun is a recently-formed, impressive musical ensemble merging the talents of some of Malta's finest musicians. It's safe to say that their latest single 'Il-Bir' got everyone excited about this...

Trackage Scheme

Blackstar: A tribute to David Bowie – Album

Thank you all for attending "Blackstar: A tribute to David Bowie" and for bringing such an amazing vibe. Check out the full album below. Photos courtesy of Christina Goggi Photography

Johnathan Cilia

Sick Alternative Music

2015 was a good year for alternative Maltese music. With great new releases from the likes of Dolls for Idols, Lucy’s Last, Acidulant, Digby, and weird new groups like Crux...

Ramona Depares

On Pique, or Why I only Support My Friends

The culture of extreme factioning and polar opposites is deeply ingrained in our way of life. We have two main political parties, each faction constantly contradicting the other. When it...

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